Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Closer, Closer to Home to the Homeless

Two and half days with no hot water. That is what has been happening in the Thingy home. Hopefully, it is fixed, and now, twenty people are going to shower at the same time. That should be fun, even if they are all in their own private part, washing their own private parts.


Say, this is not good.  A homeless shelter could be closing soon. I'd like to blame it on Trump, but I can't. It's the shelter's neighbors who have had enough. I can sorta, kinda see their point of view. I walk that area often and there are people always sitting outside, smoking, talking, sometimes arguing. There is a park across the street which never has had a child in it, although there is a day care center across from it. I have seen men sleeping on the slide or park benches. Without this place, however....

This is the time where we have to care for each other. It just seems so dismal, so sad. Even so, I am grateful every single day for the roof over my head.

Me and my rubber ducky are outa here. Hope they left me some hot water.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Update, No Apology Necessary

Just a little update on a post I did, here, regarding Tim Allen's comment about comparing life with Trump as if it was 1930's Germany all over again. The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect wants Allen to apologize for "trivializing," what happened during that time.

I don't think Allen needs to apologize. I certainly won't because I feel the same way, although for different reasons. It was a truly horrible, horrible time for many during that time. No one here is trivializing it, but, we need to remember the past, we need to change the past and sometimes our future is repeating the past. There are people right now, this very minute, dying because of choices leaders make. Comparisons need to be made. Time to stop being so sensitive and start working for all, every human, so they may have a better life.

Zoodle Zoup

I'm not one to jump for the newest gadget, although, I love gadgets. They don't love me. I'm just rather inept when it comes to figuring them out. It might help if I read instructions. I'm like the guy who refuses to ask for directions when lost; I just feel I can do it my way. I used something like this beauty

until a few years ago when I finally had to succumb after it took thirty minutes to load anything.  Amazing what I was missing, like actual storage, or, letters on my keyboard that I could see.

Anyhoo, there were two products I recently bought. I just could not resist. It was the Martha Stewart in me calling me, telling me I can do it. You are a Martha.

The first product: The coffee stencils.

I'd like to sit at my morning breakfast table, eating crumpets with orange marmalade, and coffee with a lovely milky rose on top. What a way to start the day. For my first day I tried a panda. If only the coffee would stop moving! I'm afraid I failed the Martha and have not tried another stencil yet.

The second product: A spiralizer.
Exactly what I have

I kept seeing this product and finally decided to order it after viewing a morning news show where a woman made zoodles with avocado sauce. It looked so good and healthy and who can resist, zoodles!?

As I said, I don't pay attention to instructions. Zoodles are made with swirly zucchini. I only bought one, enough for a mouse after spiralizing, but I managed the contraption alright after a few false starts. Swirly noodles came out, in a teeny tiny pile. Next, you are supposed to get the water out of the zucchini.. Zucchini has loads and loads of water. I skipped that part so I ended up with zoodle zoup. I am not a Martha. I slurped it up, then ate some cheese and crackers which at this moment  is still swirling in my gut. Ugh.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Somewhere Over the Cosmos...

National Alien Abduction Day.

One can hope.

Didn't I Tell You Not To Go?

Hey, did you have a good weekend? I know what you did. You went and saw Beauty and the Beast, didn't you? Nobody listens to me.

I did laundry and read, Hillbilly Elegy, written by J. D. Vance. Another American who lived a shitty life with crappy parents in the hills of Kentucky. He says he owes his getting out from poverty by the love and tenacity of his gun toting, foul mouthed Mamaw. I agree with Vance that everyone should have a 'Mamaw' in their lives who will just be there for them. There should always be a place where a child feels safe. There is a lot I do disagree on with Vance, but nobody wants my opinion. (((sniff, sniff)))

Anyway, it's Monday. Back to work. Yeah, sucks big time, so here is a cute video of a kitten.

Is this thing on?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

By All Means, Speak Up

Well, Tim Allen and I agree on one thing- it does sort of feel like 1930's Germany in our country. However, we agree for different reasons. He feels he cannot speak up in support for Trump.

Hey, so do I!

Can you's 1938__--_-___-_--

Thingy: "As long as I'm alive I will protect human beings, give them food and shelter, and turn my back on that crazy man running this country."

Allen: "Man, this guy is going to fix things good, ja. We will have new roads, a big wall, no funny looking people, ja. comes Miss Nosey Pants."

Thingy: "Good evening, Mister Allen, lovely night isn't it? It would be, I suppose, except for the smog from those burning furnaces. It certainly is quiet around here after the Stein family was 'relocated.' I wonder how the gestapo knew they were hiding in the Berger's attic?"

Allen: (((grunts))) "Argggharghhharghhhh. Time to go. I've got to shine my rifles."


It's rather strange because I still think Allen is a sexy guy. I would have liked him more if he was on my side of the wall. Same with Mike Rowe (who plays Allen's brother on his stinky show, 'Last Man Standing')

And just a note to Allen. You can say what you want. Please, speak up. Yes, there are bullies on both sides, loons galore. But please, I really do want to know what you are thinking.

Isn't that sad? It has gotten this far in my thinking. Americans. Neighbors. Them and Us.

As for now, we both have the right to say what we feel. I wonder how long that will last with you-know-who?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Granny Got Run Over By A Mule, Dear

I'm going to try and discuss everything other than the implosion which is our country, the complete disregard for elders who need help, the paranoia, the whole creep factor. I'm going to try.

I blame Michael Flatley, the Irish- American, raised in Chicago who talks with an Irish accent. Okay, Riverdance was fun. One time. Now, I see lasses with goofy wigs hot footing it. Instead of looking cool, it looks, weird. Meals on wheeee.... and, I noticed a woman on the early telly news talking about something, I don't know, because I was entranced by her hair, which looked like a mop. Seriously. It looked like she must have seen the reporters coming and threw a mop on her head. I happen to love the dreadlock look. It's very cool looking. But, it has morphed into cheap, cheap like our govern....

Anyway, it's rainy here, which might keep down the party shenanigans. As for D.C. Oh, I can't stop my train. This fraud of leadership has got to stop. It makes me sick.

Okay, now go tap.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Here's Your Bone, I Mean Bong

Todd: "You hungry?"

Bo: (((Farts))))


Todd: "Can you grab the chips, man?"

Bo: (((yawns)))

Todd: "Come on, dude, I shared my weed with you. Get the jerky, too."

Bo: (((sighs)))

Todd: :Thanks, bro. Hey, I think this is a doggy treat I'm eating. It's good."

(((nonstop laughter)))

The above scenario is happening in houses across this leaderless and lawless country as I type. Dogs on cannabis, man.

Wow, can you imagine a cat on this stuff?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


So much for justice. soccer player, Bruno Fernandes de Souza was convicted, in 2013 for murdering his ex-girlfriend because she wanted more child support for their child. After he killed he, he fed her body parts to his dogs.

He is out (On appeal) and was signed by Boa Esporte for two years.

Where is the justice for the woman he murdered?


On a lighter note... I recently blew a gasket when I watched an obnoxious boy toot and fart the weatherman after crashing his spot. In another incident where children crashed a news segment being given by Dad, I can't help laughing at the situation. Yes, poop happens. I love Mom's reaction when she comes to grab the tykes. So, why is this different from the tooting boy? I find one hilarious, the other ticks me off. He's just a kid. Well, I'll have to ponder it a bit more.


Rumor going around over Rachel (over the top reaction) Maddow's waving of Donald Trump's alleged tax return may have been provided by Trump himself. Could they be fake? If so, would that be the deal breaker that gets this fool out of the WH? Cross fingers.


Finally! We got a real dose of snow this winter. 16 inches of lovely powder. Many were not happy. Duh, it's a pain to drive in. I looked from Ivory tower and loved every minute.


Last but not least, I miss getting cool stamps from other countries. When I order neato stuff from Etsy or Ebay, the goods come from all around, but with icky old digital stamps. I like progress, but some old school items were cool and groovy.

Also, I do indeed screw up when it comes to ordering needful things, such a Harry Potter box for my daughter's birthday. I was imagining it to be the size of a cigar box. It cost plenty. When it arrived yesterday, boy, I was bummed. It's about the size of an index card. Yeah, they don't use those either, anymore.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Righteous Opinion and I'm Sticking to It

I guess a lot of people are having issues with the latest coming out soon movie, Beauty and the Beast. Muslims do not like the gay character in the film. Malaysians would not mind if the gay person was shown in a negative light, though, or being stoned.

Well, they are idiots. My issue is perfectly politically correct and true.

A man would never fall for a beastly beauty, no matter how kind and sweet. Life experience has proven that throughout history. I really don't get this story. What are they showing children? Women go for men who are cruel, although have nice digs. (?)

As for the moviemakers who try to appease ignorant beings by deleting scenes that may be sensitive to their archaic views, another thumb's down. Just skip this trash.

I know, it's going be a hit. Pffffttttt

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Pea(brained) Soup

Aye, me kin come from the Emerald Isle,
I say today with me immigrant smile.
They drank warm suds, ate roasted spuds,
and go by the name oh, oh,
oh, Ryan.

Oh, I hear they told some
 wicked tales,
did stretch the facts, induced each
with barreled pulls of
golden ales.

 (Although, truth be told,
I'm lyin')

Once, fairies danced with
handsome lads-
 they've now banished fags,
from stinking
up the loo-
St. Peter tossed the snakes,
got rid of men in dreaded drags,
also, banned stinky
mutton stew.

Green shamrock shakes begat,
Mary, Harry, Peter and Seamus.
These Irish eyes, me coal
black hair,
come from me sainted ma's ma's ma-
who bore the pain, she howled through,
without Obamacare.

Lasses then were mighty strong, tis
 hardly, barely screamed,
whilst bearing bairns as big
as barns as inebriated 
fathers beamed.

Then ma's ma's Ma got up to make
 cabbage balls, darn Pa's socks, bake the
sourdough bread.
By twenty-three, with twelve more kids,
 she were most definitely

I come from the land of screeching pipes,
Oscar Wilde and wild jigs,
pea soup, peat moss, Swift and Joyce,
and flying Irish pigs.

Tho, me home is now the state
of cheddar,
swiss on rye, (it do taste better)
I travel afar in wolfish packs, armored
in me wooly bully,
sheepish sweater.

I sing the song, "Oh, Donny boy,"
whilst M.I.A. from my hometown,
as our cheeky S.O.B.'s G.O.P.
it down-
and we bow our pale skinned heads,
to our short fingered, orange, two faced

I was born in the land
of opportunity,
where women share
the minority from
lack of wealth
by inequality.

Gahd bless me,
I am Paul.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Just Skew Your Pelvis, Ladies

Before I get to my rant... this is what was staring at me when I logged on to Huffington Post. Did Trump get them?

Okay, now to this ditty (below) Hold on to your vaginas, girls.

Well, jeez, I didn't even get to read all the news this morning before I found this little gem. This (now former) Canadian judge ruled over a rape case. He rather sucked big time, asking the nineteen year old victim why didn't she, "skew her pelvis," or close her knees.

This ignoramous' defense was that he was ignorant on Canadian law being from South Africa. Oh, that expl... NO, it does not! Seriously, judge, you should still know right from wrong, still have a moral compass.

The rapist was acquitted.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Warm With A Chance of Toots

We don't spank in the Thingy family. It just seems like a silly way to teach children to behave, using the easy way to control a child. Hey, I'm no saint. I used my mother power over my own child back in the day when I was young and stupid and tired and stupid. Fortunately, I've learned.

But.... or should I say, butt.... this kid. if I was anywhere near this obnoxious little tyke, his ass would be a lovely shade of rose. I just do not find him funny in any way. I know, kids are kids, boys are boys. I cannot see a girl doing this. Boys and men find farts and toots funny. I'm not sure why. It's not something I ponder much over, but it is an interesting social behavior I'm sure toot doctors have studied.

I have a feeling kid's Dad laughed his ass off and probably high fived his odorous spawn. Perhaps they had a toot off. What would Thingy do with a kid like this? Who cares. He's not mine, I say with relief. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I Got The Shakes

Sometimes I wait before I blow just to make sure I heard what I heard. Ben Carson says those slaves had it made, man all they had to do was get a job! Damn, whodathunk? Also, some Dems plan on voting for this nimrod.

(((shaking head))) I've had a headache since last November from shaking my head.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Donald Blues

Could it be true? Is Obama at this very minute spying on the new president? Well, have you seen the former leader lately?

Let's go to Bob for the alternate facts...

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Chained Life

Ah, the world still spins- some spin a little out of control - as in, you know who, who sees spies everywhere.

But, I digress....

I have another Sunday sermon. This one rather good, but with junk attached. I'm talking about, Visionbeyondborders, an organization to help people. I found them on Etsy of all places selling bracelets. Visions tries to help women who were for whatever reason, caught in the sex trafficking trade. Visions wants these women and girls to have another life, so they make bracelets and sign their name to each one they make. It's a good cause, right? I thought so. I bought a few bracelets.

When I received the bracelets which came with handmade pouches they also came with plenty of paraphernalia regarding VBB's vision. They are a religious organization. Okay, fine, so far. They want you to pray, pray, pray. Um, not so fine for me. They smuggle Bibles into countries who don't want Bibles.

You might think them brave, or, a pain in the arse, maybe both. I have a feeling these poor women get an earful of preaching all day, every day. I do have a problem with that. It's like going from one shitty place to another. I am glad someone is trying to help these women, me it seems they have exchanged one trapped life for another.

Hey, that's just me. I won't try and smuggle this post into your spot.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Aaw, Nuts

Some would call this, "art." Others would call it, "nuts." A man, a man who thinks outside the box, thought inside a rock, for a week. Um, yeah, I was wondering the same thing I know you are. Anyhoo, the man, see here, plans on sitting on some bird eggs next to try and hatch them. I'm sure mama bird will be happy with a day or two off. As for myself, I plan to live in a squirrel nest. How long depends on the number of nuts on hand.