Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Treasure Stunt?

I vaguely remember this story about hidden treasure and a poem from a book, which gives you clues to find over, supposedly, $2 million in gold and jewels. Pretty awesome. Naturally, people are going to try and find it. Unfortunately, three people have already died searching for it. Authorities want the author and treasure keeper, Forrest Fenn, to stop the hunt. He seems reluctant to do so, stating, he was 80 years old when he stashed the treasure and now at 87 could find it without much difficulty. Should he ca;; off the hunt and take back the (alleged treasure) because three men have perished looking for it? In my opinion- no. If the powers that be want to stop people from possible death, then let's stop rafting, mountain climbing, driving, biking, hiking, plane travel, train travel, skiing, parasailing, parachute jumping, bungee jumping, NASCAR, bullfighting, the running of the bulls...

Yeah, I think you get the drift.

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