Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Scary Moocher

More from Scaramucci interview....

"And then I says, Mooch, ya gotta get that asshole out of the way, ya know what I mean? I see youse looking at the suit. Like it? It fell off a truck. Anyways, where was I, Yeah, that mother*#@!%# in your way, Mooch, gotta talk to the boss about that dick. I says, boss, you know I'm loyal to you. Didn't I wait in Joisey for you to call me while you had "prickbus" kiss your behind? I stayed cause I know where my bread is buttered. I says to the boss, next is that Bam Bam. Yeah, he gonna go boom. Ya know what I mean? Hey, you doing anything tonight? Who does your make-up? Looks good. I told that Huckabee chick she looked good, but she's kind of squishy looking. Anyhoo, back to me. Yeah, I waited for the boss to call me. I acted like it was no big deal when he got on the ringer, but between youse and me, I was dancin' in my thong. Yeah, picture that for a minute. You know, I could get you a nice Italian handbag. I think one's gonna fall off a truck, tomorrow. Hey, babe, don't go. I got more to tell youse about the 'prickly penis' and 'bada bing bada bannon.' Know what I mean. 'Hey, bit*^!"

*Purely fictional (((wink, wink)))
** I'm  outta here. You, &@!#!!
***The Mooch lasted ten days. Bada Bing bada bang.


Berthold Gambrel said...

This was like when a failing sitcom introduces an outrageous new character to try to liven things up. Maybe now The Mooch will get his own spin-off administration in some undeveloped nation.

Maggie Jean said...

Lol. I hope to never hear that moniker or from him ever again. Of course, there's always DWTS.

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