Friday, July 7, 2017

The Food Desert

Well, well, well. Our local Pic N Save is shutting down. It was built only a few years ago in order to serve people in what they call, "the food desert." Problem was, the prices were too high, theft was rampant, register lines remained unused. I hated the store, too. The fruit was usually inedible, either hard as a rock, or ripened to a fibrous disaster. The store clerks were usually grumpy, especially when someone pulled out their food stamp card, and yes, I witnessed the card being pulled out often. I give kudos for Pic N Save giving it a go, but they really didn't try too hard to serve the people who needed help the most. (Critical me asks if they got a tax break) I avoided the store and took the bus to my fave place, plus, there is a Super Walmart at the outskirts of town. (I also hate Walmart) I haven't been there in quite sometime. It is always jam-packed with hustling bustling, pushy shoppers. The Super Walmart is about as old as the Pic N Save, yet already looks, well, that grungy look they all get, eventually.

Anyway, not good for the food desert. Hopefully, an Aldi's or something in that line will take over. I'd hate to see another abandoned building in this town.


^.^ said...

We have Walmart, Sobeys, Cosco and Super Store, friend Maggles ... but I avoid them like the plague ... Do my grocery shopping at my lil sto across the street in order to support them peeps and go to value village when I need slightly used clothes ... smiles always ... Love, cat.

Maggie Jean said...

I wish we did have a mom and pop store. Goodwill is my middle name. 🤗

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