Monday, July 17, 2017

Romancing the Revolution

Wow, what f-ing B-s*#!. Women who chose to find true love with ISIS scum, now, some claim they had no idea what these men were like. Who are they trying to fool? If you can read, if you have some intelligence, if you live on this planet, you know how vile and disgusting these animals are. Did these women think it was going to be some romantic adventure? It just boils my blood. Now, these women have children, these women are not welcome home, their idea of love and loyalty, shattered.

Tough shit. ladies. I don't know what is going to happen to you. Perhaps, some time in prison? That should squash any sense of romanticism you see from death, rape, torture, that blinds your vision.


^.^ said...

Not quite sure what U r saying here , friend Maggles cuz sometimes plain old love could be a factor as well ... Always, cat.

Maggie Jean said...

Hmmm...I must work on my cryptic messages.

^.^ said... ... Love, cat.

Maggie Jean said...

Who we choose to admire and follow is subjective. Yes,a mighty fine line,indeed. I don't know much about Che Guevara, so I cannot say he was better or worse than any other revolutionary.

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