Thursday, July 6, 2017

"It's Only Logical"*

It's provocative, fascinating, and it makes my stomach lurch, if true. The image going around which could be Amelia Earhart, and her navigator, Fred Noonan, is just one more puzzle regarding the disappearance of the two. It's been eighty years, yet, people still want to solve the mystery. Does this image finally close what happened nearly eighty years ago, or, just add more speculation? As that wise human/Vulcan, once (may have) said, "It's only logical." Nothing logical here, folks. Do I think the government knew Earhart had been captured by the Japanese and kept silent all these years? Why? What would be the point other than to hide their own complicity, knowing the two were now prisoners and did nothing. That is what makes me feel ill. This woman, locked in a cell for years, finally succumbing to illness, or, even torture. Gahd, how awful.

I hate when we are shown images and expected to see with certainty, yes, this is Amelia. Short hair, same body type...  Wow, you've really got to reach, here.

Yet.... what if? Eighty years later, this woman still evokes emotional reactions.

*Allegedly intoned by Mr. Spock, although I cannot find direct quote."

**Update: In thirty minutes the story was "debunked." Seems image was taken two years before Earhart went on her last trip.


^.^ said...

Does not matter whether she died here or there cuz she is dead and she left us behind, friend Maggles ... Love, cat.

Maggie Jean said...

Yeah,death and taxes. I get ya, but I can't help thinking about this woman whose every thought was to be free as a bird,and she ends up caged. Dead as dead,but not in spirit.

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