Monday, July 10, 2017

I'm A Grub Worm

Okay, call me a grub worm. I felt bad for Patton Oswalt after his wife died. He seemed devastated by the loss. So, months later, he is now engaged to another woman after only three months of courtship. Yes, he has gotten some criticizing for moving on so quickly. He called these doubters, "grub worms."

Add me to that list. Hey, it's your life. I get you want to move on and you have every right to do so.

Yet... I just find it hard to believe you can move on so quickly after you lose the love of your life.

Oh, I'm just a squishy grubby worm,
twu love it really makes me squirm.
My lowly opinion matters naught,
twu love was real, I somehow thought.
Call me a meany, call me a slime,
I have an opinion that I can rhyme.
Now, Patton Oswalt hates my guts,
twu love is crazy, it's rawther nuts.

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