Thursday, July 13, 2017

Don't Drown, You Clown

Courtesy, UWMadLibraries
Main Street, Kenosha, back in the day
Here we go again, Kenosha. Flooding is the big news in Southern Wisconsin. It came down and down and down. And all the houses were smoted, smited, flooded, sogged and sacked.

May I say, same old, same old...

Okay, some citizens get a pass because this truly was a nonstop deluge. Nothing you can do no matter how many sump pumps and sand bags you have.

It's the others, you know, the ones I have talked about before, the ones who continue to live in the flood plains, crossing fingers they will never have to go through what they just went through.

The Velodrome is underwater. It was just renovated last year. Oi.

Not the velodrome

I feel bad for ya all, fellow cheddarheads. The good news- I have not heard anyone dying from floods, although not from lack of some boobs trying. I didn't know illiteracy was a big problem, here, but that's another story. As news reporter stands in front of flooded road, cones in place, vehicles continue to drive through.

Well, it's their car, their life, their choice. You can swing by the local stop for a cup o' joe with your kayak, like this fellow who just had to have his coffee.

Anyhoo, we will survive. It's been a trying year for testing our inner selves. I would put the iconic image of this cat... Oh, what the hell...


KC said...

Whoa, that is quite a flood. I won't even drive in the snow.

Maggie Jean said...

Water is receding. Hopefully...

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