Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Really? Really!? We are supposed to believe the Jr. met with nefarious persons to get dirt on Hillary without Daddy Trumpbucks knowing? Those boys kiss daddy's tiny hands, and do nothing without his knowledge- let me add- allegedly. Let's just imagine Clinton meeting with Russians. Oh, I can see the uproar from the Trump clan. And what the hell is Ivanka doing amongst world leaders!?

This is all highly

  • incredible

    • laughable
    • ludicrous
    • nonsensical
    • outrageous
    • preposterous
    • silly
    • unbelievable
    • wacky
    • antic
    • comic
    • comical
    • contemptible
    • daffy
    • derisory
    • droll
    • farcical
    • foolheaded
    • gelastic
    • grotesque
    • harebrained
    • hilarious
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