Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Uber, Uma, Uber, Uma

What am I missing? Why is Uber such a big deal? Isn't it just some taxi service? I vaguely remember when a cute little car was shown, it's grill covered with a big moustache. So, they pick people up and drop them off and get paid. Seriously, is this some hipster fad that will go the way of ankle jeans and man buns? So many questions, so little interest. Yet, it always seems to be in the news, falling apart.

A little secret if you wanna ruin a hipster's day. They hang out a Panera.


KC said...

I won't deal with the bro-tastrophy that is Uber, but I like Lyft. It's easier than a cab because you settle payment and all before you ride. The car always gets there faster too. Kind of reminds of the so-called Gypsy cabs in France (is there a less racist term for that now?), though not as hair-raising, or entertaining, to ride.

Maggie Jean said...

I love the word, "gypsy." Ha, the getting there is half the adventure!

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