Friday, June 30, 2017

Thingy Ponders, Movers and Shakers

Questions and ponderings....

Can one be clever and stupid at the same time? Read, this.

Answer: Yes.

Can one be a snob and own it?

Answer: She seems nice. She also seems condescending and in another world, of which she is, the world of pretend and money and everything happy, happy, happy. It's okay to be a snob, I guess. Just own up to it.

Puff Daddy isn't Kanye!?

Answer: I guess I got confused when P. Diddy started changing his name. It's not like I keep track of either one of them.

Can England go on without the Monarchy?

Answer:  They could, but, I love it all, the Queen, the history, the jewels, the Tower. No, we need the Monarchy.

Can we laugh and be angry at the same time?

Answer: Apparently. I find Celeste Barber so frickin' spot on and hilarious. But, then I look at these women who are posing in such ridiculous ways. It's truly sad.

Doug Luzader asks, 'Has the President gone too far?"

Answer: HELLOOOOOO! Shit, how far are we going to let this loon run us into a third world country. Enough already. Fire him!


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KC said...

Gwyneth Paltrow is so weird. Of course you would be a homebody if you had all those properties in vacation spots. She entertains me, but probably not in the way she intends.

Maggie Jean said...

I'm guessing loads of people just watch her for amusement. Yeah, I'd like five homes to homebody myself. Pfffftttt.

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