Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mistrial of Justice

With the exception of the O. J. Simpson trial. I have the utmost respect for the men and women who sit on a jury. It must be very stressful, you have someone's life change in your decision, and to make the right decision is a critical responsibility. The jurists in the trial of Bill Cosby spent 52 hours trying to come to an unanomous vote regarding whether Cosby was guilty on three counts. The judge finally declared a mistrial after twice demanding the jurists go back and look at all the evidence. You'd have to be from Mars if you do not know anything about the allegations from at least 60 women who claim Cosby drugged them and then raped them. 60 women. This was a case of one woman.

So, being a couch jurist, I can feel empathy for all involved, except for Cosby. I have no doubt he did what 60 women said he did to them. I am angry at his wife who plays deaf and dumb.

You wonder why these women didn't come forward at the time of (alleged) rape?

You only need to see the results of this trial to know why.

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KC said...

Perhaps the saddest thing is that none of us are surprised by this outcome. I mean 60 women. Come on.

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