Sunday, June 11, 2017

Closed For The Summer

Just the other night I was thinking we don't hear too much about Spain. Then, this little ditty comes out. Manspreading!? My, I am not up to date on this, although, looking to cite sources, I see this has been a big deal across our planet. Of course, I have seen men do this, and, yes, it's quite annoying. I could understand if there was a real necessity to air balls, but I just get the impression men do this to mark their territory. "Me man, uga uga. I got big balls. Very important. I must show the world how big my balls are, uga uga."

Yes, it's annoying and amusing. You look foolish, men, to the point the powers that be have to ban your ball behavior.

Okay, thanks, Spain. Glad to hear from ya and happy to see that is your big problem. Carry on and keep them closed.

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