Friday, June 23, 2017

Breathe In, Breathe Out, Breathe In...

My fellow liberals, Democrats, ex- pats, truth-sayers, and lucid people- stop acting like, "them". Stop wishing they were dead, decapitated, or any other dreadful outcome.We must rise above the fray, rise above the disaster that is happening in this country. Wishing humans dead is beyond the pale, folks. We cannot lose our cool.

Look, I'm feeling your pain. I truly think this whole five months have taken a toll on my health. But, you and I have got to keep it together, and when I say together, I mean, let's start a happening that will benefit our wonderful, beautiful melting pot of humanity. Whatever it is, let's do it. whether that be having mass yoga sessions in the parks, petting kittens, having game nights...whatevs.

And then, we start crackalackin'. We use the brains and empathy and love to do something.

No more threats. No more hate. It just eats us up and right nice we have got to stick together and not lose our bleeding liberal hearts to stone cold hate.


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