Tuesday, June 13, 2017

As I Watch Sessions

What a load of B.S. he spews

Stay tuned...

He's very thirsty.

He doesn't remember a Russian being in the room!?

Trump just arrived in Wisconsin. Get OUT!!!!

Sessions is not doing well. Lying from his mouth and arse.

Oooh, Heinrich not taking Session's lack of truthiness.

Session's writing down names.

Comey 1 - Sessions- zilch

Lot's of ass kissing by Republicans.

Lots of anger from Dems.

Gahd, so damn frustrating. It's old school at it's best. Session's refuses to talk claiming he is protecting Trump, although Trump, has never asked for executive privilege, and does not include Session's reasoning for his own silence. When Kamala Harris tried to ask Session's where this special paper was about keeping quiet just in case Trump wants to 'talk,' 

she was interrupted by two Senators, one who has been in a coma (McCain) since 2012.

A f-ing total waste of time

Image result for Funny Throwing Papers,  as the Senate fiddles with your lives, trying to find the easiest way to rid millions of health insurance. AND, yellow hair is here (get off my lawn!) chumming and bumming with Gov. Walker. Oh, by the way, you can get a picture with yellow hair- just hand over 10 grand for that special treat.

You could buy ten thousand things at the dollar store.

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