Friday, June 9, 2017

Almost Midnight Rant

I've been reading quite a few articles from the Washington Post. I've also read that my cheddarhead Trump sycophant, Paul Ryan, is saying the leader of one of the most influential countries on the planet, ..."is new at this."

This is a country where men and women, parents, spend thousands of dollars so they, or children,  are educated in the field of their dreams. Yet, any ding dong can run this country without knowing anything about the law, the rules, the history. It is truly mind blowing anyone with money can sit in the oval office and tweet away his defense. In the meantime, Americans are sick with worry regarding whether they will have their social security benefits reduced to a pittance, or,whether they will be able to have that operation, or, even whether they'll be able to take a train to a national park.
I get the fact that Americans are sickened by the games politicians play, so they thought voting for a man who has no political knowledge a good idea.
We are up shit's creek and all this crap we've had to deal with is unacceptable. It's a disgrace. If this fool is still near that red button a year from now, it will be a detriment, a sick joke,
 to all the men and women who have tried to serve all Americans.

*I'm on my iPhone, writing this. Just had to get this out.


KC said...

There should be a minimum requirement of knowledge for anyone holding an office that important. Ignorance is never a good defense when you are president. What other job can you get without knowing what it entails?

^.^ said...


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