Sunday, May 7, 2017

Really, Don't Go Home Again (Unless you live there)

Good morning, good morning, although it's almost noon, but why quibble. Say, did you know you could now have a sleepover in Ralphie's house?

If you have to ask who Ralphie is, move along. I always thought the innards were rawther dark and depressing, but it did remind me of my old haunt of a home. Midwestern, and all that rot, which got me thinking, cause I'm always thinking, ever since I was a little lass, of other homes in which to park my arse. I always dreamed of living in Barbara Stanwyck's home. Oh, you know, the one, in, 'A Christmas in Connecticut.'

I just loved that house. I also love the, 'Home Alone,' house.

I grew up where my fellow classmates lived in homes like this. I lived across the tracks, so it was rare, yet to me, there was a bucket of mixed feelings churning in my tummy when I was invited into their lives. I was green with envy, but, I loved exploring, wishing, and hating.

When I lived in Salem, Wisconsin,  I had to drive past (pass?) the faux Amityville Horror house on my way to work. This was the house Ryan Reynold's slept walked through. No, I didn't want to ever live there, but it is a neato house, which by the way, the owner is selling, so, there was an estate sale where the little people could buy stuff. They were not allowed inside, however. It's going for $1.1 million. Not bad for your own bowling alley.

It does seem I'm choosing homes where Christmas was a main feature, making the houses look so charming. Perhaps I just need some mistletoe and tinsel and I will feel better. I'll have some eggnog with brandy as well, thank you very much.

While writing this post I decided to go to Google Maps and look up my childhood home. My father would cry if he saw what it looks like. Besides the football and baseball, his one passion was gardening and he was good at it. They have cut down nearly every tree and all the flowers he planted for my mother. Of course, I still think of this house as mine. It was our (sisters) one constant in our lives, something we could rely on, always. Now, I'm sad. : (

How it looks today

How I will always see it


^.^ said...

I hear you, friend Maggles ... as long as u know where u r from, it doesn't matter where u r going ... smiles ... Love, cat.

Maggie Jean said...

Aww, so true,cat. ♡♡

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