Monday, May 22, 2017

"My Theory is that Everyone is a Murderer"*

For the most part my trip to Seattle on the choo-choo was awesome. Only one thing ruined it.


I took coach back to save a few bucks and paid the price. In back of me sat the world's loudest snorer. He took his naps during the day. I could have lived with that except one who sleeps all day is up all night. I was tired gaping out the window all day, and if you have ever slept on a train in coach, it ain't comfy cozy. Mr. Snorer was playing on his phone, plus talking to wife and "friend" across the aisle. By 2am I was a might pissed. I had expected an attendant to come through to hush this idiot and his wife and pal up, but to no avail. Okay, I could have turned around and said, "Could you please keep the noise level down, thank-you so much." But, that isn't what happened. I turned around and whisper yelled, "Hey! Shhhhhhhh...." Well, that was stupid of me, but, dog gone, f-them and his nasal sinuses. Naturally, they resumed where they had left off. They spoke another language although I'm sure the word, "bitch" was used. Okay, maybe they didn't say, "bitch". I don't know. I waited a few minutes, then turned around again and said something like, "Okay, have it your way." I got up and walked to another car where the attendants were sitting and I started to whine to them about the noisy nuisances.. A very big Amtrak dude followed me. He barked at said couple- reminded them this was a train, and walked away. Silence was good. Now, I only had to worry about revenge. Sleep? Pfffttt.
They didn't do anything to me. I know because I could not sleep again. The sun finally dawned on the great plains of somewhere whilst the sawmill rattled behind me. At this point it would have been out of place to mention to the snorer's wife that I thought her husband had a problem. I knew why he was exhausted all the time. As I had stared out the window I had listened to spurts of nothing as in, the guy stopped breathing for it seemed minutes, hence, the loud gasps of breath afterward. What the hell, me thunk to myself, that was their problem. I can be a bitch on a train, but I ain't no doctor.

*Strangers on a Train


^.^ said...


KC said...

That's gross. Makes me think of going to the movies these days. Sigh.

Maggie Jean said...

People seem to have lost their manners,if they ever had them.

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