Thursday, May 18, 2017

Missed Her By That Much

Well, I missed KC by that much. I was in Seattle for a bit of wandering. It was a wonderful time. weather was perfect, food was good, and I never have enough time to do everything.

Like that fictional, but lovable character, Sheldon Cooper, I like trains. (Amtrak uses Heinz ; })

It's the best way to get around and through and over. I took the Empire Builder, which was a decent ride. Sleeper going, coach leaving. Oi Vey, the drama in coach is never surprising. More on that later. It's just good to be home.


KC said...

What?!? You better let me know next time! I'd have at least given you an insider's tour of the Pike Place Market! Hope you had fun. I'm bummed you left before the sun finally came back!

Maggie Jean said...

I definitely will be back. Seattle is fabulous.

KC said...

Okay, next time then! Next time!

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