Thursday, May 25, 2017

It Was More Duh

Uh, what? Are people finding what this woman did an act of heroism? It's a frickin' car! This is why I never drove a nice car, because idiots who steal cars are, well, idiots, and women who try to stop them, albeit, successfully this time, are idiots as well.


^.^ said...

I had a wonderful car like that once upon a time ... It was a Chevy Lumina Z 43 ... It was black, and the second I test drove it I loved it ... so I bought it ... and drove it to work and back in -30C many a day ... It saved my life on icy roads with its spiced tires while doing 360s and also protected me when in landing in ditches ... One fine day it quit on me, because the brakes quit ... I did financial CPR on this car 4 times ... but the brakes just kept breaking ... so I sold it for a dollar to a student ... and every time I sew my car in town, I roll down the window and scream: "That's my car!" ... Needless to say: I am still in love with that car, friend Maggles ... Does that make me an idiot? ... if so be it ... smiles ... Love, cat.

Maggie Jean said...

Of course not. I get it. I'll revise my opinion about lady. She's passionate! Glad she's ok. Okay? : )

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