Friday, May 19, 2017

D.C. Comics

When I take a holiday, news is verboten, so when I saw the story about Comey trying to blend into the White House curtains to avoid being called out by Trump, I thought it was a story from The Onion, that rascally, satirically funny, but fake news. Hells bells, it is apparently true. Jeez, sounds like second grade when I tried to hide from Sister Mary Kate Ashley by wearing brown sweaters to blend in with my desk. Is it me, or are things getting really weird (stranger than usual) in D. C.?


  1. Just comey, ehem ... came back from my Cuba vacation, friend Maggles ... I normally don't watch TV, but did over there during just the 2 hot outside Siesta time ... about uncle trump and things ... I really love living under my Canadian rock and me think me will continue 2 do so ... anyway ... Love, cat.

  2. I don't blame you. Canada should build a wall made of moose droppings to separate us crazy neighbors.


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