Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Can You See Me?

Okay, kids,  I'm trying something, here. I've deleted my Google+ account and have jwust maintained Blogger. One, I never go to Google+ and two, Google+ constrains non-users from communicating with me. Hope this isn't an issue. We shall see what happens.

So, Kathy Griffin was fired from CNN. Not a surprise. Even though she profusely apologized, we all know she (as my granddaughter would say) screwed the pooch. A lot of people seem to be doing that lately, such as the doofus who was uncomfortable with a Japanese man winning the Indy 500, or, the goof who twittered some "joke" about Ariana Grande and the Manchester bombing.

Yeah, I get we need humor when life falls apart, but, some things will never be funny. Never, ever.

Update:  Deleting my Google + account did nothing, except a lose of readers. Back to Google. 

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