Friday, May 26, 2017

Call Me Alice, the Amazon

I may have gone to the land of Wonder, I feel so big. I have to laugh at my own faux pas and ignorance. This coffee looked so enticing

for some reason. I saw them on Amazon and when I actually received them I felt rather like an Amazonian woman.

I know, read the information, which I did not do. I just assumed they were people size. I'll take some blame but I'm convinced the coffee marketers did this on purpose. Shame on me and them.


^.^ said...


KC said...

The misleading low-angle shot strikes again!

maggie said...

It definitely is misleading. There is an infomercial where a woman angles the camera above her to appear younger. Not a good segue but it's funny.

It's Like a Tweet, Without the Twitter.

Am I the only one who has not seen, The Game of Thrones?