Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Can You See Me?

Okay, kids,  I'm trying something, here. I've deleted my Google+ account and have jwust maintained Blogger. One, I never go to Google+ and two, Google+ constrains non-users from communicating with me. Hope this isn't an issue. We shall see what happens.

So, Kathy Griffin was fired from CNN. Not a surprise. Even though she profusely apologized, we all know she (as my granddaughter would say) screwed the pooch. A lot of people seem to be doing that lately, such as the doofus who was uncomfortable with a Japanese man winning the Indy 500, or, the goof who twittered some "joke" about Ariana Grande and the Manchester bombing.

Yeah, I get we need humor when life falls apart, but, some things will never be funny. Never, ever.

Update:  Deleting my Google + account did nothing, except a lose of readers. Back to Google. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Their Legacy

In remembrance of those who had fallen in battle...

14 people were wounded, 4 people killed in shootings in Milwaukee during Memorial Day Weekend.

In remembrance of those who never made it back home...

Eight innocent people were shot and killed by a lone gunman who became enraged over a family argument.

For those who left their babies without a parent...

Texas lawmakers brawl over SB4 protestors, and threaten to kill each other.

For those who fought for baseball, hotdogs, and American pie...

A fight breaks out between The Nationals and Giants in baseball game.

For those who saw the worst of humanity...

Trump calls Rodrigo Duterte to praise him for his leadership, a man who "jokes" about protecting any soldier who rapes women during war...

It was also a weekend to buy a new mattress, plant flowers, have barbeques, and travel by plane, train, automobile.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Call Me Alice, the Amazon

I may have gone to the land of Wonder, I feel so big. I have to laugh at my own faux pas and ignorance. This coffee looked so enticing

for some reason. I saw them on Amazon and when I actually received them I felt rather like an Amazonian woman.

I know, read the information, which I did not do. I just assumed they were people size. I'll take some blame but I'm convinced the coffee marketers did this on purpose. Shame on me and them.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

It Was More Duh

Uh, what? Are people finding what this woman did an act of heroism? It's a frickin' car! This is why I never drove a nice car, because idiots who steal cars are, well, idiots, and women who try to stop them, albeit, successfully this time, are idiots as well.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pazza in da Piazza wit a Pizza for da Popa.

It's not true about Melanie and her apparent disgust to hold her hubby's hand. The problem is she tries to reach for it but Trump's fingers are just too tiny to grab onto to. Now, that that has been cleared up, let's talk about the happy couple's trip to Roma. I must say, everyone looked miserable. Seems they call our leader, "Pazza." Crazy. Yeah, we know. Which means half the Country, who voted for him is also crazy. Unless, those nasty Russians have something to do with it. But, back to His Crazyness. Ah, never mind. The Italians said it best.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kenosha Hero

From Kenosha News... What a brave girl. Kudos to her. As I looked at the picture of this creep, I realized I had seen him before. Whilst looking at the comments, someone mentioned where he had worked, and then I knew. Honestly, he always gave me the creeps. He worked at a big box store where I usually shop. I use the self check out most times. He was one of the employees who stood around making sure you didn't sneak in an item or whatever they are doing. He tried to be friendly but it was icky. Just my gut instinct about him. As for his bond, way too low. Yes, he probably has mental issues. He needs to be off the streets. It took a young girl to do that, not the judicial system.

  •   Purchase Image
    Benjamin Spasogevich-Lee appears for his initial appearance on Monday. He reportedly tried to abduct a 4-year-old girl. ( KENOSHA NEWS PHOTO BY SEAN KRAJACIC )

A 12-year-old girl stopped an alleged abduction of a 4-year-old neighbor last week, pulling the girl away from a man who was leading her away by the wrist.
The man, Benjamin Spasogevich-Lee, 27, of Kenosha, is being held on $15,000 bond, charged with abduction of a child and disorderly conduct.
In court Monday, a prosecutor said it is the second time Spasogevich-Lee has been charged with kidnapping. He said he was charged with kidnapping in 2010 in Illinois, but that charge was eventually reduced to disorderly conduct, the prosecutor said.
Spasogevich-Lee’s defense attorney said his client has a history of mental illness and asked for a competency hearing. He said he also denied the allegations.
According to the criminal complaint and the Kenosha Police report, a group of children, neighborhood friends that included the 12-year-old, were playing in a garage in the 6000 block of 80th Place Thursday afternoon when several other children from the neighborhood came in and said Spasogevich-Lee had taken the 4-year-old.
The children reportedly had had odd encounters with Spasogevich-Lee and were wary of him.

Taking action

The 12-year-old told police she knew something was wrong, so she went outside and saw Spasogevich-Lee holding the 4-year-old’s wrist and walking away from her house.
“I ran down to them. I grabbed (the girl’s) arm and grabbed her around her stomach. (Spasogevich-Lee) was holding onto her wrist. I yanked (the girl) away from him. I started to run back to my house,” the 12-year-old told police, according to the police report.
It states that Spasogevich-Lee called for the 4-year-old to come back to him, and the 12 -year-old replied, “No, she won’t.”
Meanwhile, another child from the neighborhood had run to the 4-year-old’s house to tell her parents what had happened.
According to the police report, the 4-year-old’s father came outside and saw the 12-year-old carrying his daughter to his house. Learning what happened, the father immediately called police.

Acting on instinct

On Monday, the 12-year-old girl, a seventh-grader at Lance Middle School, said she acted on instinct.
“I was scared that she could have been taken away,” she said, but said she wasn’t afraid for herself.
The girl said kids from the neighborhood, including the 4-year-old, often come to her yard to play, and she knew the girl and her family.
She said the child’s family were grateful, and that her grandfather “was just smiling” when he learned what she had done.
“I was proud,” she said.

Man denies accusation

The criminal complaint states that Spasogevich-Lee told police he had been walking to a friend’s house and that he talked to the 4-year-old but did not touch her.
According to the criminal complaint and police report, Spasogevich-Lee often spoke to children in the neighborhood and tried to play games with them, and that they had seen him do “strange things,” like doing yoga outside in his underwear.
Another neighbor child told police that Spasogevich-Lee had talked to her and another group of children while they were playing outside and “began informing the children about rape,” explaining what that term meant and telling the children “that kids could get kidnapped and raped” and that they should not be away from their parents, according to the criminal complaint.
Along with the kidnapping charge, Spasogevich-Lee was charged Monday with disorderly conduct for a May 11 incident in which he was outside his house and allegedly stripped to his underwear “in full view of a school bus containing children” before walking to his car and putting on different clothes.
Court Commissioner David Berman called Spasogevich-Lee’s behavior “troubling” and set a $15,000 cash bond.
Defense attorney Michael Masnica said Spasogevich-Lee has a history of mental health problems and, according to a family member, has not been taking his medications recently.
A competency hearing was scheduled for June 14.

Monday, May 22, 2017

"My Theory is that Everyone is a Murderer"*

For the most part my trip to Seattle on the choo-choo was awesome. Only one thing ruined it.


I took coach back to save a few bucks and paid the price. In back of me sat the world's loudest snorer. He took his naps during the day. I could have lived with that except one who sleeps all day is up all night. I was tired gaping out the window all day, and if you have ever slept on a train in coach, it ain't comfy cozy. Mr. Snorer was playing on his phone, plus talking to wife and "friend" across the aisle. By 2am I was a might pissed. I had expected an attendant to come through to hush this idiot and his wife and pal up, but to no avail. Okay, I could have turned around and said, "Could you please keep the noise level down, thank-you so much." But, that isn't what happened. I turned around and whisper yelled, "Hey! Shhhhhhhh...." Well, that was stupid of me, but, dog gone, f-them and his nasal sinuses. Naturally, they resumed where they had left off. They spoke another language although I'm sure the word, "bitch" was used. Okay, maybe they didn't say, "bitch". I don't know. I waited a few minutes, then turned around again and said something like, "Okay, have it your way." I got up and walked to another car where the attendants were sitting and I started to whine to them about the noisy nuisances.. A very big Amtrak dude followed me. He barked at said couple- reminded them this was a train, and walked away. Silence was good. Now, I only had to worry about revenge. Sleep? Pfffttt.
They didn't do anything to me. I know because I could not sleep again. The sun finally dawned on the great plains of somewhere whilst the sawmill rattled behind me. At this point it would have been out of place to mention to the snorer's wife that I thought her husband had a problem. I knew why he was exhausted all the time. As I had stared out the window I had listened to spurts of nothing as in, the guy stopped breathing for it seemed minutes, hence, the loud gasps of breath afterward. What the hell, me thunk to myself, that was their problem. I can be a bitch on a train, but I ain't no doctor.

*Strangers on a Train

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Painting My Kitchen Burple Simp

Would people buy these colors? I think humans would. Would robots? Pfffftt...too mundane for them, me thinks. We have self driving cars, little echo bots we talk to and make demands- play my song, run my bath, make my dinner...

I can imagine many a human is running scared. Robots, taking over, oh my! Whatevs. Frankly, we haven't done justice to this planet, so mayhaps it's time to let Gort and pals run this planet.

Now, excuse me whilst I paint my kitchen, burple simp.

Friday, May 19, 2017

D.C. Comics

When I take a holiday, news is verboten, so when I saw the story about Comey trying to blend into the White House curtains to avoid being called out by Trump, I thought it was a story from The Onion, that rascally, satirically funny, but fake news. Hells bells, it is apparently true. Jeez, sounds like second grade when I tried to hide from Sister Mary Kate Ashley by wearing brown sweaters to blend in with my desk. Is it me, or are things getting really weird (stranger than usual) in D. C.?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Missed Her By That Much

Well, I missed KC by that much. I was in Seattle for a bit of wandering. It was a wonderful time. weather was perfect, food was good, and I never have enough time to do everything.

Like that fictional, but lovable character, Sheldon Cooper, I like trains. (Amtrak uses Heinz ; })

It's the best way to get around and through and over. I took the Empire Builder, which was a decent ride. Sleeper going, coach leaving. Oi Vey, the drama in coach is never surprising. More on that later. It's just good to be home.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It's My Duty

I love explanations given by people who were busted in the middle of their subterfuge. Ryan Sean Davy has a doozy. Davy, from South Africa, was found hidden around 20,000 feet on Mt. Everest, hiding in a cave, all to avoid paying the $11,000 fee. Yeah, that is a steep price, but is also is how many Nepal citizens survive, by dreamers and coo-coos who want to climb to feel like they have done something important. Davy claims he just wanted to help others, (((sigh))) although, he has no recorded history of mountain climbing. He wrote this ditty in FB. He was fined, $22,000. Isn't Karma a Nepalese Goddess?

Today, I'm going to sneak into a candy shop and create chocolate delights for the benefit of others.

*Read the story by clicking on highlighted link, kay?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Mouse Musings

Is that what I think it is?  It's flat as a pancake. I've been doing some Spring cleaning. I can't believe I filled eight, 39 gallon garbage bags with stuff. I had to open the bin's flap all the way, the only reason I noticed "it."

Now, I need to go shopping to fill my house with more stuff. Hee-hee.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Really, Don't Go Home Again (Unless you live there)

Good morning, good morning, although it's almost noon, but why quibble. Say, did you know you could now have a sleepover in Ralphie's house?

If you have to ask who Ralphie is, move along. I always thought the innards were rawther dark and depressing, but it did remind me of my old haunt of a home. Midwestern, and all that rot, which got me thinking, cause I'm always thinking, ever since I was a little lass, of other homes in which to park my arse. I always dreamed of living in Barbara Stanwyck's home. Oh, you know, the one, in, 'A Christmas in Connecticut.'

I just loved that house. I also love the, 'Home Alone,' house.

I grew up where my fellow classmates lived in homes like this. I lived across the tracks, so it was rare, yet to me, there was a bucket of mixed feelings churning in my tummy when I was invited into their lives. I was green with envy, but, I loved exploring, wishing, and hating.

When I lived in Salem, Wisconsin,  I had to drive past (pass?) the faux Amityville Horror house on my way to work. This was the house Ryan Reynold's slept walked through. No, I didn't want to ever live there, but it is a neato house, which by the way, the owner is selling, so, there was an estate sale where the little people could buy stuff. They were not allowed inside, however. It's going for $1.1 million. Not bad for your own bowling alley.

It does seem I'm choosing homes where Christmas was a main feature, making the houses look so charming. Perhaps I just need some mistletoe and tinsel and I will feel better. I'll have some eggnog with brandy as well, thank you very much.

While writing this post I decided to go to Google Maps and look up my childhood home. My father would cry if he saw what it looks like. Besides the football and baseball, his one passion was gardening and he was good at it. They have cut down nearly every tree and all the flowers he planted for my mother. Of course, I still think of this house as mine. It was our (sisters) one constant in our lives, something we could rely on, always. Now, I'm sad. : (

How it looks today

How I will always see it

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Oh, laws, I feel sick, but I can't get sick. Not now, not ever! Sick, sick, sick. Two Democrats voted, yay. I'm taking down names, but first I need to throw up.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

F&@# Them Thinking Entitled Poor People

Yep, this is how you treat poor people who would like a home. Make them feel like nothing, less than nothing. Make them feel helpless, hopeless, angry, hurt, unsafe, scared. Sure, that'll solve the problem. Just don't ever let them get comfy cozy.

Don't Forget the Tire in a Can!

Been rawther boring in newsland, but I found this video of two young ladies who were pranked by their Dad. Pretty cute.

Uh, Hmmm, WTF, kinda movie

The movie, 'Swiss Army Man, ' is so strange I can't even tell you if I liked it. It starts out with a man on an island  (al...