Sunday, April 2, 2017

Your Sunday Sermon, Witches

"Donald Trump refuses to be manipulated, intimidated or controlled. What is manipulation, intimidation and control? It’s witchcraft. Trump refuses to bow the knee to the witchcraft of media. Media has had a spirit working behind it for so long it could make or break you in your career. With Trump, the arrows of media are like a pea shooter. It bounces off the armor. It’s not working. Why? Trump has authority in the realm of media and in the governmental arena. Right now hollywood, media and government is manifesting. What’s next? Watch college campuses for protests, etc. Strongholds are being shaken and hooks are being pulled out. "- Lance Wallnau

Your Sunday sermon brought to you by Lance Wallnau.


  1. My theory is that trump is just a human makin mistakes or not, friend L ... like we all do at times ... if only Melania would open up a lil more about HER brain power or not, that would be really help with the evaluation process of this all ... Love, cat.

  2. I'll agree reluctantly that he is human, but still in wrong job. Hmm... I really don't think she is relevant to our lives. I'm so not curious about her.

  3. I enjoyed the Sunday sermon (not)- so much truth there (not). Dear Lance obviously sits quite close to and shares the ear of God...
    All is a great worry...
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  4. Yes, it's possible he hears voices in his head. Glad you enjoyed- not, the sermon. ; )


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