Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Vacuous Interruptus

I feel for the guy - one ticket sold for his movie in the U.K. Who was the one viewer?

I'm guessing some guy who looked like this.

I have a confession to make. Yesterday, I went to the grocery store to buy a few items. I take public transit, because one, I don't drive, and two, it's convenient. Anyway, I am always thinking about how much time I have before the next bus comes. I get one transfer, so if I don't use it I have to pay again. It's not a big deal, normally, but with my anxiety, I make it a big deal, so I rush through the store then head to the self checkout. An older woman was in front of me, taking her sweet old time. Fine, I'll just look at the magazines whilst she finishes. She doesn't have much... 'Ooh, Doris Day is 95, although she thought she was 93. Haha. Is that really important, now, and how doesone not know?' Still waiting for woman to bag her groceries. Seriously, I now think she is deliberately taking her time. I've been through this scenario before. Let me take you back_-_-_-_- I'm standing in line at the local Walgreen's, the watering hole of every senior citizen in town. It is three days before Christmas. The man with the really awful wig is buying fifteen lighters. That's all, just fifteen lighters. The clerk rings him up and hands him his change, of which he now starts to straighten so our former leaders all face the same way. Yes, I am getting pissed and I'm sure he knows it. He goes slower, opening his wallet inch by inch. I'm not playing his game, or, perhaps I am, because I start to put my items on the counter. His fifteen lighters are already bagged. There is no reason for him to still be standing there except to get a rise out of me. He succeeds. He turns to me to complain about my items. I look at him and say, "Move." The clerk just stands there like a mannequin with her mouth hanging open. I know there are people behind me even though you could hear a pin drop. I feel like shit for getting angry, but this asshole is one of those people who love to get people pissed. I feel angry because of that as well, and the fact that the stupid clerk is still just standing there whilst idiot is still placing money in wallet. It was not a good day for Thingy. Now, let's go back to the present_-_-_-_ Okay, I've read the covers of the magazines and old bitty is still placing items in bag. There is a bar you can use to separate groceries but a bag of chips was in the way and I didn't want to move it, so I started to scan four bags of vegetables that I wanted to purchase separately, then wait for her to vamoose. She was not happy. She started pushing my bags back and told me to wait my turn. Now, at this point, I could have taken the high road and just smiled and waited, but I was back to that time in the Walgreen's. She wasn't such an ass as the wigged dude but she was definitely a human who enjoys pissing people off. I told I only had these four items and told her not to "worry about it." She finally left after whining to all the employees within hearing distance.

I felt pissed and mad, mostly at my own stupid behavior. I could have waited. I could catch another bus. I could smell the flowers and act like an adult. It ruined my whole day. I'm sure it ruined hers as well. There is really no reason to post this diatribe other than to make my confession. It's the catholic in me.

So, next time I start to react to an unpleasant situation, I shall try to think and adjust so everyone feels good at the end of the day.

Confession over.


hyperCRYPTICal said...

I had to google LaBeouf – I don’t go out much (the world isn’t ready for me) – sad init, about the £7.00 thing. At least I know who he is now. Googling took me here:, seems he’s not alone in failing at the box office here – maybe there’s something wrong with us…maybe this will bring him solace…

Your confession thing, I understand why you get angry, I get angry too when this happens, but tend to bite my tongue while my head explodes. Thing is, I am a bit of a hypocrite in that if a cashier (?clerk) chats to me, I chat back and welcome the conversation, full knowing that those behind me will be spitting blood as I spend two hours chatting at the checkout. Maybe I am getting my own back, but at the totally wrong people…?

I’m glad you caught the bus though.

Kind regards
Anna :o]

Maggie Jean said...

Oh, I understand you not knowing who he is. I think is one of those actors who everyone thought was going places but seems to sabotage his own career at every juncture. : )

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