Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ugly People

Recently, I wrote a post about a help center in our community that was in trouble because citizens who lived nearby considered the needy a nuisance, a blight on their property and too ugly to look at.
 The good people of First Step have decided to shut their doors permanently rather than invoke the wrath of a few disgruntled neighbors.

Yes, I get it, it's a pain to look out your window and see men and women sitting on a bench in front of the building, smoking, sitting, talking... most looking like they could use a bath. Some looking as if they forgot to take their meds. A few talking to themselves... Mostly, they were men and women who fell. For whatever reason, whether it be a drinking problem, drug problem, mental illness, they gathered in a safe place. Now, it is closed. Many Kenoshians are ecstatic. I wonder if they think the people will simply vanish, fall into another plane? The ugly truth; they are with us. People who cannot cope on a daily basis without help are still here. I hear it all the time, from relatives, from lousy comedians with bad sit-coms, from our own government, all these people need to do is work hard and they too can have a piece of the American Dream. Just pull up your big boy pants, suck it up, deal with it and stop being a pain in our well fed asses.

I realize I will never be able to change the minds of those who think this way. They are the lucky ones. Oh, yes, they are. They have managed to live a life without having to beg, grovel, demean themselves, or just give up. They have done it, the lucky ones. I think they would probably scoff if they read that line. Lucky ones? We just worked hard, pal, did it on our own, pay our taxes....

Yeah, I get it. Hardworking, taxpaying, resilient citizens, who don't want to look out their windows and face the harsh reality of life, because it is ugly.

So, what happens to the outcasts? Do they leave town, look for another bench? I guess some will move on. I think most will just go to another part of town and search for a safe place.

I sometimes wish I could be more eloquent, more articulate. The truth is ugly, life is ugly, and people are ugly.

*I would like to let readers know, the highlighted words in my post are links to get more enlightenment on my rants.


KC said...

I found new respect for Arnold Schwartzenager when he said, in essence, that he used to think people should just pull themselves up by their bootstraps, until he realized some people don't have boots.

Maggie Jean said...

Oooh, I like that. I wish more people understood that.

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