Thursday, April 6, 2017


What happened to the nights when you tried to meet your future soul mate in a stinky, smoky bar? We lived on the edge, never knowing whether the one we batted our falsies (eyelashes) at was Prince Charming who just happened to pop into the bar to get a bowl of water for a poor kitty he found in the street. He certainly was not their trolling for a troll. Yeah, we lived on the edge. It was exciting- and rawther dangerous.

Nowadays, you can find your mate online. To me, it makes sense, although, the person behind that screen could be a 400 pound mama's boy. (Just ask Thomas Gibson about that) You can join special dating websites, such as this one. They will match you with your love connection by your credit score. Gosh, how romantic. Dating is hard. I gave it up for Lent. There really is no easy way to find true love. If knowing your maybe date is financially secure, well, have at it. I guess it beats sitting in a smoky saloon, hoping Mr. Kitty lover will see you through the haze.

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