Monday, April 24, 2017

Pink is the New Gray

Hey, kids, you have over a month to get your prom outfits ready! I'm talking duck tape outfits. Yes, it's that time of year to get creative and win a scholarship. I haven't read the fine print because I don't care about that part, so, I'm not sure if you win a scholarship to Duck Tape College.
Yes, it's duck tape, unlike duct tape, the stuff Red Green used for many, many projects,

although it's the same stuff. Confused? Don't be. Just get crack-a-lackin' and think outside the roll. You have til May 31st to get your entry in. Here are some images from last year's contest. The winning couple, um, "Biff "and "Buffy,"

won. It took 39 rolls of tape and 207 hours to make. And, it Biff and Buffy get married and have little biffins, these outfits will probably still be good to go.

Other duck tape contestants from 2016.


^.^ said...

My daughter's grad dress was dark blue (borrowed from a friend of ours) cuz we didn't have the money, honey ... smiles ... she graduated with honours, went on to earn a bachelor in science and math, a bachelor in linguistics and a masters in library science ... now she is working as a unit clerk in a doctor's office and finally happy ... tears, u better believe it, friend Maggles ... but ya ... Love, cat.

Maggie Jean said...

Awesome. Could be because she had a good mom.
Poorand I have met. ;/

^.^ said...


KC said...

The ones with the dots are so cute. I'd totally wear that if Duck Tape had more give.

Maggie Jean said...

Those are my favorite as well.

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