Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My 2.7%

My DNA results finally arrived. It was 65.5% no surprise. That is my Northern/Western European blood. Boring. The rest, 26.6 Eastern European. A bit of a surprise. That's in the Ukraine, Belarus area. Pretty coo. The neatest surprise was the 2.7 % Northern African bond.

Something like this...

I love it. That covers Morocco, Egypt, Libya...  I knew I had some exotic blood coursing through me! It explains my love for Moroccan lamps and dark cafes. It's not much, and I still have to guess how and why, but it's all good. Oh, and no Irish/English blood, which was a surprise. And a mystery.


  1. That is quite a mix! You've got me very curious to try this.

  2. Yeah, it's interesting. The site I used, MyHeritage, just found another person who matches my DNA. The tree is getting larger. : )


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