Thursday, April 27, 2017

Klaatu Obama Aaaahhhhh....

I'm trying to think of one movie with Matthew McConaughey that I have seen, other than the recent (for me) movie, 'Interstellar." It's a slow moving plot, which gets so slow one hour and a half in, I started fast forwarding. I like space movies but rarely understand them when they start yakking about time and relativity and all that science junk. My head hurts from trying to understand it all. It's an okay movie. The ending was a ten tissue production.

I also watched, 'Alien,' again. A great movie that has so many holes, it just makes me angry. The monster is one of the best ever, though.

I think, 'Signs,' is still one of my favorite alien movies, even if Mel Gibson is in it. It deals more with the people rather than the aliens,

which are really sucky.

Of course, 'The Day the Earth Stood Still,' will always be on my alien list because I remember how much it affected me the first time I watched it as a child.

If our planet has been visited by aliens, I has assumed Trump would have tweeted about it by now.

Perhaps the powers that be have decided to keep that from him. Yeah, this is what I was pondering last night as I tried to get to sleep. Who is really running this country? I don't think it's aliens, but I kind of wonder if perhaps out there, in the mountains, or underground, a group of people, are controlling the planet.  But, I digress. There is so much we don't know. Damn. You and I will never know. Damn.


^.^ said...

Lucky u at this time, friend Maggles ... enjoy ... me goin to bed havin takin in a work shop and nightshift ... c u when i c u ... Love,

Maggie Jean said...

Shhh,sleepy sleepy.

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