Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Having His Cake

Trump: "How was your chop suey, Ping? How'd ya like that firework display, Shee? Pretty awesome. We wiped out Shanghai and Beijing. Only took a 69'er, hey, hey, know what I mean? Why he's so quiet? Does he understand the words coming out of my rose bud lips?"

Interpreter: President Jinping is choking, sir. You have bombed our cities."

Ivanka: (((whispers)))

"Trump: "No, I said we bombed Tibet and Quebec." How's that cake, pretty good, huh? The underlings around here sure know how to throw a good spread. You play golf, Shoo-shoo?"

Interpreter: President Jinping would like to know why his chair is so low? He cannot reach his fork. He also prefers not to eat with the killing map in the room."

Trump: "Hey, do you think I can order some chopsticks from you? Beautiful, beautiful. My fingers can't hold on to forks." Okay, gotta go. Get out and have a good day. Ivanka, come wipe my chin!"

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