Sunday, April 16, 2017

Have Some Coffee. Don't Use My Silver Spoon.

So, what do non-Christians do on this day? Well, I hunt for bad eggs. I found one! Markwayne Mullin, dude who was voted by the people, for the people, except the good old boy claims he pays his own way. This is the guy who came from rich, who's silver spoon is imbedded deep in his Oklahoma orifice. He took over the family business from daddy Mullin when he was 20. Blah,blah,blah.... Just another asshole who thinks he's smarter than the people who voted for him. Hmmm, perhaps he is. After all, they voted for him.


  1. Have no mullin idea what U talkin about, friend Maggles ... but can sense that U r pretty miffed at this guy ... there, there, lil white horse sette down, k? Love. cat. PS: Did U really mean to spell "siver" rather than "silver" in this blog Urs ??? c.

    1. Aww, drat, should be silver. I'll edit tomorrow. There should be a link in the post. But, it's better sometimes to just let me rant for all of you so your day isn't ruined. Ain't I swell?

    2. ... "settle" i meant to say ... i hate spelling mistakes ... Love. cat.


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