Thursday, April 13, 2017

Face to Face With Your Self

I understand that our first instinct is to flee after a traumatic incident, especially one we may have instigated, but, at some point our conscience should kick in and we should do the right thing. Isn't this part of what separates us from other animals?

Unfortunately, some people choose to hide. They turn into cowards. They show their true colors. I ponder on my own morals and reaction if I ever had to face an anomalous experience. Would I be able to stand up to a bully? Could I intervene when someone needed my help? It scares me to think I could react the way Hubbard did. Again that deep down instinct for our personal survival kicks in, yet, some never think of themselves, they jump in and help. Other turn away when they witness someone in need of help. I'm sure I would never be able to forgive myself if I turned away. 

Nathan Hubbard killed 75 year old Wesley A. Hironimus on Sunday. He hit him with his motorcycle, then took off. He hid his bike, then went to work, as Hironimus was pronounced dead. Later, Hubbard again hid his bike in a friend's shed, so, others shared in Hubbard's cowardice.

Hubbard finally turned himself in AFTER images were shown in the media, and, before he hired an attorney. Hubbard claims he had no idea the man he had hit was seriously injured. (((pause))) Uh, is that his excuse? Hubbard needs to spend quite a few years in a jail cell thinking about that. Somehow, I think he will try and turn the blame to others, such as the victim. As for those who aided Hubbard, they also need to go away for awhile.


^.^ said...

i think everybody should think of their own safety first, friend Maggles ... and if there is any spare time, i will think of someone else's safety ... at work it's cuz i legally have to cover my butt ... at play i just do the straight from the heart thing ... This is the world we live in if we wanna live, hmmm? Love, cat.

Maggie Jean said...

Yes, I think it's just a natural behavior. Happy Easter.

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