Monday, April 3, 2017

Dreamland Cursed

And the curse continues... Two of my favorite local establishments have folded. I don't understand why a book store cannot remain a permanent part of this community. People read, here. Perhaps they prefer their material on a hard brick. Mea culpa. I just purchased a kindle, myself. (Again. The last one is at the bottom of the San Francisco Bay) You can believe in the curse or, you can use logic. Now, it is possible whilst mom, the owner of bookstore, who was rarely there, had her daughter mind the mill, Apple was anything but diligent in caring for mom's dream. You might be correct, sir, in thinking it could have been a factor in why the store didn't make it. The young-ish offspring was usually seen sprawled in a comfy chair (meant for customers) playing on her phone, ignoring the piles of books that needed to be sorted and stacked. Near the end ( I knew it was near the end)  daughter just did not give a hoot whether people were in the store as wanna be buyers looked puzzled when there was no one behind the counter. The garbage overflowed, books fell off shelves and lay scattered on dirty floors, and the complimentary tea was nowhere to be seen. Curses!

The other store to leave was a Swedish bakery. OMG. It felt like home to me. I don't understand why they left so suddenly. It seemed to be doing well. I found a notice on their door stating they had had, '...a wonderful 4 1/2 years... Goodbye.' It always had people coming in who bought the extremely expensive food, handmade trolls and knitted socks. I was always intimidated by the server, another sullen young woman who seemed to hate every moment she stood behind the glass case of kaldomar, pannkakor and kringla, whilst warming blintzes. Was she another yoot-spring stuck in a job she did not want? Ja, perhaps.

You can't make your dreams come true by using family members who have other dreams. That's my sermon for the day.

Of course, we all know the real reason these lovely finds vanished.

I am cursed.


^.^ said...

Apple, Kindle, bla bla bla ... me do not care ... even if I have to reread my own old trusted book collection over and over ... I will not be part of this electronic "mind game" ... U? friend Maggles? ... Love, cat.

Maggie Jean said...

Oh how I love my books, but I'm afraid if I keep buying I'll be one day found under a mountain of tales. I might not be found for days. Yes, I'm really not happy about reading from a magic brick. I'll see how long I can keep it. The other one lasted a month. Hehe

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