Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bull-1, Man-0

Ole. This is when I will probably get nasty comments because I'm rooting for the bull. Recently, I have seen two stories of bullfighfters being gored by the injured animals. Bullfighting is a disgusting 'sport'. It is cruel and senseless. Why would someone want to see an animal tortured?  And when bull fights back, is the audience thrilled or, excited by the blood, and viciousness of the attack? I don't feel empathy for the men who were injured. I want them to remember their pain. I assume the bull is killed and most likely not without inflicting extreme pain.


^.^ said...

I hear you, friend Maggles... bull fighting and running of the bulls, and rodeos and cock fighting are all part of our cruel tradition ... cuz its all about the money, honey ... PS: I rather have that happening than having my soldier son being slaughtered sumwhere where he does not belong in the first place ... Love, cat.

Maggie Jean said...

The war made of men, by men, human or animal, it's all horrific.

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