Friday, April 28, 2017

100 Days

I'm sure everyone will have an opinion on Trump's 100 days in office. Very few, I think, will praise him, although I have been wrong before about what people want and believe.  If I am to be honest, and I certainly try to be, because what is the point of going through life as an imposter; I really do think Donald Trump, in the history of American presidents, to be the absolute worst, and unfortunately, we have had some mighty awful dudes in the House.

I want to turn my thoughts in another direction, though,  and point to the citizens who voted for him. I don't have exclusive access to any one person to whom I know voted for him. I do know a few, many on my own DNA tree- I just don't communicate with them. In part because they voted for him, but mostly because it was just more evidence of who they are, people I do not want to know. These relatives of mine are not monsters. One happens to be a nurse, another a care giver for the elderly. They all believe in God, go to church, and love to gather the family together for holidays, barbeques and just plain fun. They are American citizens who work hard, and truly believe that is all you need to succeed in this country. They also believe black people, (they use the n-word) are all out to beat the system- all Latinos are lazy- Muslims, evil and that gay men will infect them with AIDS. Their ugly diatribe goes on and on. They want the wall built. They want foreigners and illegals to leave. They don't believe in a woman's right to choice, but have no problem with a human, being executed for a crime he/she may or may have not committed. They don't talk about any real issues because they are ignorant of any real knowledge of them. My relatives just want to be around people like them.

I would like to think my relatives who think this way are an anomaly. I actually thought they were in the minority, but that was over 100 days ago. We have someone in the White House who should never have been voted to lead this country. The wonder and beauty of our country is that we have the moral right to vote for whomever we want. So many of our citizens never take advantage of that right. My only wish is to get through this craziness without too much damage to myself, my child, grandchild, and also, to those who want or wanted a better life. I hope some day to stand before a wall and tear it down, whether in words or with my bare hands.

Hope. It is all I have right now.

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^.^ said...

Sorry, friend Maggles, not much did reading your blog but the head line: 100 days ... ya ... I have 100 frost free days of putting in ma garden and harvesting it ... now trump this off in order to see his dirty finger nails after working in his garden ... Love, cat.

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