Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Zoodle Zoup

I'm not one to jump for the newest gadget, although, I love gadgets. They don't love me. I'm just rather inept when it comes to figuring them out. It might help if I read instructions. I'm like the guy who refuses to ask for directions when lost; I just feel I can do it my way. I used something like this beauty

until a few years ago when I finally had to succumb after it took thirty minutes to load anything.  Amazing what I was missing, like actual storage, or, letters on my keyboard that I could see.

Anyhoo, there were two products I recently bought. I just could not resist. It was the Martha Stewart in me calling me, telling me I can do it. You are a Martha.

The first product: The coffee stencils.

I'd like to sit at my morning breakfast table, eating crumpets with orange marmalade, and coffee with a lovely milky rose on top. What a way to start the day. For my first day I tried a panda. If only the coffee would stop moving! I'm afraid I failed the Martha and have not tried another stencil yet.

The second product: A spiralizer.
Exactly what I have

I kept seeing this product and finally decided to order it after viewing a morning news show where a woman made zoodles with avocado sauce. It looked so good and healthy and who can resist, zoodles!?

As I said, I don't pay attention to instructions. Zoodles are made with swirly zucchini. I only bought one, enough for a mouse after spiralizing, but I managed the contraption alright after a few false starts. Swirly noodles came out, in a teeny tiny pile. Next, you are supposed to get the water out of the zucchini.. Zucchini has loads and loads of water. I skipped that part so I ended up with zoodle zoup. I am not a Martha. I slurped it up, then ate some cheese and crackers which at this moment  is still swirling in my gut. Ugh.

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