Wednesday, March 15, 2017


So much for justice. soccer player, Bruno Fernandes de Souza was convicted, in 2013 for murdering his ex-girlfriend because she wanted more child support for their child. After he killed he, he fed her body parts to his dogs.

He is out (On appeal) and was signed by Boa Esporte for two years.

Where is the justice for the woman he murdered?


On a lighter note... I recently blew a gasket when I watched an obnoxious boy toot and fart the weatherman after crashing his spot. In another incident where children crashed a news segment being given by Dad, I can't help laughing at the situation. Yes, poop happens. I love Mom's reaction when she comes to grab the tykes. So, why is this different from the tooting boy? I find one hilarious, the other ticks me off. He's just a kid. Well, I'll have to ponder it a bit more.


Rumor going around over Rachel (over the top reaction) Maddow's waving of Donald Trump's alleged tax return may have been provided by Trump himself. Could they be fake? If so, would that be the deal breaker that gets this fool out of the WH? Cross fingers.


Finally! We got a real dose of snow this winter. 16 inches of lovely powder. Many were not happy. Duh, it's a pain to drive in. I looked from Ivory tower and loved every minute.


Last but not least, I miss getting cool stamps from other countries. When I order neato stuff from Etsy or Ebay, the goods come from all around, but with icky old digital stamps. I like progress, but some old school items were cool and groovy.

Also, I do indeed screw up when it comes to ordering needful things, such a Harry Potter box for my daughter's birthday. I was imagining it to be the size of a cigar box. It cost plenty. When it arrived yesterday, boy, I was bummed. It's about the size of an index card. Yeah, they don't use those either, anymore.

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KC said...

About the kid: I think it's the walk. How could you not love that walk? That poor mom. I could almost feel her panic. At least the family seems to have a sense of humor about all the attention.

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