Thursday, March 9, 2017

Warm With A Chance of Toots

We don't spank in the Thingy family. It just seems like a silly way to teach children to behave, using the easy way to control a child. Hey, I'm no saint. I used my mother power over my own child back in the day when I was young and stupid and tired and stupid. Fortunately, I've learned.

But.... or should I say, butt.... this kid. if I was anywhere near this obnoxious little tyke, his ass would be a lovely shade of rose. I just do not find him funny in any way. I know, kids are kids, boys are boys. I cannot see a girl doing this. Boys and men find farts and toots funny. I'm not sure why. It's not something I ponder much over, but it is an interesting social behavior I'm sure toot doctors have studied.

I have a feeling kid's Dad laughed his ass off and probably high fived his odorous spawn. Perhaps they had a toot off. What would Thingy do with a kid like this? Who cares. He's not mine, I say with relief. 


  1. My husband sent me that clip and said it reminded him of our daughter. I was like, no way would our kid be allowed to do something like that! But of course, he was just talking about the fart talk. This kid is learning how to be a jerk.

  2. All kids say goofy things. If I could only tell you what my granddaughter said the other day... It wasn't anything devious, but had something to do with a body part. Yeah, so different from that boy. Reminds me of those brats I watched a zillion years ago who tried to tie me up with the Christmas lights. Wonder whatever happened to them?

  3. I remember my kids YELLING to each other right in front of my bedroom door after my 12 hour night shift:"Be quiet ... mom is sleeping!" or while manually opening my 2 sleeping eyelids asking: "Mom, are you sleeping?" or singing forever "the song that never ends" to me ... or reciting poems like: "If you sittin on a ladder and you hear a loud spladder - diarrhea. diarrhea. If you sittin in a bush and you hear a loud swush - diarrhea, diarrhea" ... a bit later on it was Kurt Cobain (son's favourite singer) and Michael Bolton (daughter's favourite singer)... and it was Amber and Michael on the phone for hours ... smiles ... but somehow we survived it all, didn't we, Maggie Jean, didn't we? ... smiles ... anyway ... Love, cat.

    1. I also remeber my 3rd child not surviving her heart surgery, and am thankful that my other 2 kids don't remember cuz they were too young ... Love, cat.

    2. ... am still thankful for all of that cuz me know: You can't have everything, where would you put it ... hmmm ?

  4. LOL. I'm so glad daughter did not know diarrhea song, but did know when I was on phone to start conversation. Now, I deal with granddaughter singing, "4 monkeys jumping on the bed," whilst jumping on my bed. Hope I survive the second round. : )


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