Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Update, No Apology Necessary

Just a little update on a post I did, here, regarding Tim Allen's comment about comparing life with Trump as if it was 1930's Germany all over again. The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect wants Allen to apologize for "trivializing," what happened during that time.

I don't think Allen needs to apologize. I certainly won't because I feel the same way, although for different reasons. It was a truly horrible, horrible time for many during that time. No one here is trivializing it, but, we need to remember the past, we need to change the past and sometimes our future is repeating the past. There are people right now, this very minute, dying because of choices leaders make. Comparisons need to be made. Time to stop being so sensitive and start working for all, every human, so they may have a better life.

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