Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Righteous Opinion and I'm Sticking to It

I guess a lot of people are having issues with the latest coming out soon movie, Beauty and the Beast. Muslims do not like the gay character in the film. Malaysians would not mind if the gay person was shown in a negative light, though, or being stoned.

Well, they are idiots. My issue is perfectly politically correct and true.

A man would never fall for a beastly beauty, no matter how kind and sweet. Life experience has proven that throughout history. I really don't get this story. What are they showing children? Women go for men who are cruel, although have nice digs. (?)

As for the moviemakers who try to appease ignorant beings by deleting scenes that may be sensitive to their archaic views, another thumb's down. Just skip this trash.

I know, it's going be a hit. Pffffttttt

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