Saturday, March 11, 2017

Just Skew Your Pelvis, Ladies

Before I get to my rant... this is what was staring at me when I logged on to Huffington Post. Did Trump get them?

Okay, now to this ditty (below) Hold on to your vaginas, girls.

Well, jeez, I didn't even get to read all the news this morning before I found this little gem. This (now former) Canadian judge ruled over a rape case. He rather sucked big time, asking the nineteen year old victim why didn't she, "skew her pelvis," or close her knees.

This ignoramous' defense was that he was ignorant on Canadian law being from South Africa. Oh, that expl... NO, it does not! Seriously, judge, you should still know right from wrong, still have a moral compass.

The rapist was acquitted.

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