Saturday, March 18, 2017

By All Means, Speak Up

Well, Tim Allen and I agree on one thing- it does sort of feel like 1930's Germany in our country. However, we agree for different reasons. He feels he cannot speak up in support for Trump.

Hey, so do I!

Can you's 1938__--_-___-_--

Thingy: "As long as I'm alive I will protect human beings, give them food and shelter, and turn my back on that crazy man running this country."

Allen: "Man, this guy is going to fix things good, ja. We will have new roads, a big wall, no funny looking people, ja. comes Miss Nosey Pants."

Thingy: "Good evening, Mister Allen, lovely night isn't it? It would be, I suppose, except for the smog from those burning furnaces. It certainly is quiet around here after the Stein family was 'relocated.' I wonder how the gestapo knew they were hiding in the Berger's attic?"

Allen: (((grunts))) "Argggharghhharghhhh. Time to go. I've got to shine my rifles."


It's rather strange because I still think Allen is a sexy guy. I would have liked him more if he was on my side of the wall. Same with Mike Rowe (who plays Allen's brother on his stinky show, 'Last Man Standing')

And just a note to Allen. You can say what you want. Please, speak up. Yes, there are bullies on both sides, loons galore. But please, I really do want to know what you are thinking.

Isn't that sad? It has gotten this far in my thinking. Americans. Neighbors. Them and Us.

As for now, we both have the right to say what we feel. I wonder how long that will last with you-know-who?


KC said...

I've heard so many explanations and I still can't understand how anyone could support 45. Why isn't the cruelty a non-starter?

^.^ said...

Maybe it would be wise 4 everyone to turn off the entertainment media, including the social media, and go and listen 2 real peep's stories ? Love, cat.

Maggie Jean said...

But then I wouldn't have a blog. : (

Maggie Jean said...

The truth is, aliens have infected half the country with some mysterious love potion for men with orange faces and cotton candy hair.

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