Saturday, March 25, 2017

Body Language

You can tell a lot if you really look at whether people like each other or not. Just a thought, cause you can't see me. I'm still in my jammies and it's a little past ten am. I'll tell you why...

I stayed up late last night because I was watching, Love it or List it, that fabulous show on HGTV. I watch them all when I can, in marathon mode. Come on, everyone could tell Tarek and Christina

Wow, look at this ex-couple and their body language. Awkward

were not gonna last. Last night a couple complained because they only had $500,000 to spend on a house. You know, that's when I know I'm poor. If I had $500,000.... well, anyhoo...

So, after my fill of whiny people and gorgeous houses, I found, My 600 pound life, on TLC. I never knew so many people had gotten so big.

It's so scary, yet, I can't look away. It angers me to see families enable people who desperately need help. I even watched an autopsy on a woman who died from heart failure. She was 5'5" and weighed 238 pounds. I should have been a doctor. I thought it was fascinating.

Okay, time to leave Richard Simmons alone.

I did not watch the doc or whatever they call it, about the M.I.A. Simmons. He's okay. Just let him be, now.

So, it's almost ten am, I have not even had breakfast yet. It's dark and dreary outside, just the way I love it. I think I'll go back to bed.

Good morning.


  1. I started listening to the Simmons podcast and my daughter said she thought it was a mean show. Took a minute to think and realized it was. If he wants to disappear, he should be left alone. Unsubscribed. 9-year-old wisdom!

  2. "Podcast," that's it! Oooh, even happier I didn't watch it if mean.

    1. It's not so much mean in itself as it's cruel because it intrudes on his privacy. But that's mean enough right?

  3. Indeed, Oct. Schtupid autocorrect. It won't let me type, of. Lol. Kc.


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