Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Closer, Closer to Home to the Homeless

Two and half days with no hot water. That is what has been happening in the Thingy home. Hopefully, it is fixed, and now, twenty people are going to shower at the same time. That should be fun, even if they are all in their own private part, washing their own private parts.


Say, this is not good.  A homeless shelter could be closing soon. I'd like to blame it on Trump, but I can't. It's the shelter's neighbors who have had enough. I can sorta, kinda see their point of view. I walk that area often and there are people always sitting outside, smoking, talking, sometimes arguing. There is a park across the street which never has had a child in it, although there is a day care center across from it. I have seen men sleeping on the slide or park benches. Without this place, however....

This is the time where we have to care for each other. It just seems so dismal, so sad. Even so, I am grateful every single day for the roof over my head.

Me and my rubber ducky are outa here. Hope they left me some hot water.

Update, 3/28. So, this is the latest. First Step will no longer be open during the day. It sounds weird, but the people who run the shelter needed to appease the neighbors, yet try to continue helping those in need. Not sure of hours. I will be back.

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^.^ said...

Glad you have a thing for shelters, thingy ... smiles ... Love, cat.

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