Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Chained Life

Ah, the world still spins- some spin a little out of control - as in, you know who, who sees spies everywhere.

But, I digress....

I have another Sunday sermon. This one rather good, but with junk attached. I'm talking about, Visionbeyondborders, an organization to help people. I found them on Etsy of all places selling bracelets. Visions tries to help women who were for whatever reason, caught in the sex trafficking trade. Visions wants these women and girls to have another life, so they make bracelets and sign their name to each one they make. It's a good cause, right? I thought so. I bought a few bracelets.

When I received the bracelets which came with handmade pouches they also came with plenty of paraphernalia regarding VBB's vision. They are a religious organization. Okay, fine, so far. They want you to pray, pray, pray. Um, not so fine for me. They smuggle Bibles into countries who don't want Bibles.

You might think them brave, or, a pain in the arse, maybe both. I have a feeling these poor women get an earful of preaching all day, every day. I do have a problem with that. It's like going from one shitty place to another. I am glad someone is trying to help these women, me it seems they have exchanged one trapped life for another.

Hey, that's just me. I won't try and smuggle this post into your spot.


  1. Briefly visiting VBB's site brought an immediate agreement with you Maggie Jean.
    Oppression comes in many forms and I do agree that those poor women have "...exchanged one trapped life for another."
    Afraid I see it as abuse of the vulnerable...
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  2. Be religious by all means, use it to fuel your passion for your service to the world, but try to indoctrinate people as terms for your help? It's just abusive.


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