Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This May Be My KellyAnne Palin Moment

So, these people were protesting because they didn't want their water poisoned, yet they leave mounds and mounds of trash?

The Free Beacon is a conservative paper and I'm trying to get a balanced account on whether they are actually looking for bodies.

And yet... if these protestors were really concerned about the environment, why, tell me why, did they leave their garbage? Makes me sick.

If it's true. I'll get back to ya.


Clarissa said...

You bet many of them are those liberal non-voters who non-voted Trump in. Is it a drama or a comedy?

Act One : Hillary haters vs Bernie Sanders haters | Act Two : Trump in the White House | Act Three : Hillary haters and Sanders haters unify to act as Trump haters | Epilog : They all together accumulate garbage in the plains to protest Trump's environmental pollution.

Maggie Jean said...

Hey, Clarissa. Unfortunately, there seems to have been a fair amount of liberal non voters. My head spins with all of this.

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