Saturday, February 11, 2017

Swinging With Gilligan

When my body is tired but my brain is still racing, I think of stuff- weird stuff, like the unreality of living on an Island and looking good after three years of jungle rot. I have probably seen every episode of Gilligan's Island, several times over. They make being stranded on an Island so romantic and fun. Banana pies, coconut smoothies, awesome beds to swing in- literally.
Add caption Mary Ann scraping off mold

By this time, my body is none too happy with brain fantasizing (I think of my brain looking like the Starship Enterprise)

 about lovely swims and more banana pie. Some body entity breaks onboard the helm and starts shouting, "Lies, all lies! After three years your clothes would have rotted off from the mold. You would have most likely suffered from the following diseases - malaria, cholera, dysentery, ringworm, gangrene, rabies, and so on! You bloody rotter, shut the hell up and get some sleep. We don't care if Ginger had a massive wardrobe and the Professor could make anything from nothing yet could not fix the damn boat! So what if everyone remained celibate and pure of heart. So what if it makes no sense for a millionaire, and his wife, to take a cruise on some dinky boat when they can be on their own yacht. (LOL, this was the 60's after all when yachts cost $5,000) Shut down the power, Scotty and go to sleep!"


KC said...

You're right, they would have their own yacht. I never thought of that!

^.^ said...

... me don't watch TV, so me don't have no clue what this Gillian thing is about, friend Maggles ... but I do know about brain overdrive ... especially now that it's still deep winter whiteness and all ... enjoying Ur posts a lot ... don't ever go away, hmmm? ... smiles ... Love, cat.

Maggie Jean said...

Yep, but why quibble. It's a classic

Maggie Jean said...

Me thinks you were raised by sheep herders like myself. Hee-hee.
Aaw, thanks, cat.

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