Friday, February 10, 2017

She Has the Last Word

Plaintiff: "Your Honor, let me start by saying, you are beautiful. I love women. I love 'em."

Judge: "Quiet, moron!" I'm the smart one, here. Use your listening ears and close your mouth. What are you doing?"

Plaintiff: "Tweeting. I realize you are an old crone and live in the stone age, but I love you."

Judge: "Do you know how I know you are lying? Your mouth is moving! Look, moron, you can't go making changes willy nilly. The Supreme, that's me, has ruled, you are a MORON. Tweet that!"

Plaintiff: "Buy Ivanka's purses, darling. Did I mention, you're beautiful. And I will slay you with my tweets."

Judge: "Be quiet, idiot! Case dismissed."

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